Village, Week 17: "Everyone look busy - Senator Gallio is coming!"

Senator Quintus Furvus Gallio has called his trusty Secretary Omar to join him in Rome for the closing down of his business and home, and to help with preparations for the long journey to his Villa in the Rubicon Valley. Thus, the Villagers are left to carry on the work of building and preparing for the arrival of the household, and to manage their own affairs as best they can. The Senator has let us know that he and his household will be arriving in two to three weeks and that he expects to find the Villa structures complete at that time. Thank goodness we are not expected to have it decorated and furnished as well, but to arrange for a Market Day soon after the family's arrival so that his wife, Petronia, may choose decorations for the Villa herself.

The news from Rome is that anxiety is mounting; no-one is certain of what lies ahead as the powerful General Caesar draws ever closer to Rome, the heart of the mighty Roman Republic. Surely he wouldn't dare to lead his troops across the Rubicon, and so declare war, but then again, he has become so powerful that there is no knowing WHAT he will do! Many in the upper classes, including members of the government itself, are packing up to leave the city for the relative safety of their country Villas, abandoning the lower classes to fend for themselves. Meanwhile, we entrusted with building a Villa and Village for Senator Gallio, who is himself leaving Rome, continue to build - hoping against hope that we will finish in time for his arrival and that someday we will be given time to attend to the building of our homes and families....

Making sure that the structure of the Pars Fructuaria (Storehouse) lines up with the approved plans....

The Pars Rustica (working farm) is coming along well - how not, with such precise attention to detail?!

Pars Rustica: As the walls begin to go up, we can see it beginning to take shape.

The Villa Urbana, home to the Senator and his family, is a complex building and requires a lot of thought. So many rooms, hallways and stair cases to consider! Plus the Atrium, Peristylum and various gardens, AND, as if all of that were not enough, the entire building must be elevated to allow for the Hypocaust (heating system) to be build underneath!

Rooms for the Pars Urbana......

The first roof is taking shape!

Pars Fructuaria is starting to take shape as much teamwork!

This young builder is really "into" her work!

The tedious work of making  a LOT of columns to support the weight of the Pars Urbana atop the Hypocaust...columns, columns, columns.....

The Trading Post Manager, also a builder (of course!) is taking some time away from construction to learn how to use the cash register - the Village Trading Post will be opening soon!

A new job posting at the Village Business Center - with all of this building going on someone is going to need to inspect buildings for safety and adherance to the approved plans.....

Aplying for a position? Working on a Peep Identification Card? Who can say for sure....

This poor Peep was checking out the building progress and has become stuck in the walls!  Clearly there needs to be alittle more distance in this hallway.....

By the end of the day the Pars Rustica was almost finished with construction. The next step will be the final inspection and some paint!  Al lthat hard work is really paying off!

Another great week in Village!

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