Village, Week 15: Caesar is on the march - we must prepare!

With every week that passes Caesar and his troops draw nearer to the Rubicon Valley and to Rome, and still no one knows his intentions. Will he leave his troops on the far side of the Rubicon at Senator Gallio's lavish (although still un-finished) Villa and enter Rome peacefully, or try to enter Rome flanked by his troops? To cross the Rubicon with armed soldiers is an open declaration of war - surely Caesar would not be so bold.....

Senator Gallio, and his supporters, are eager to get the new Villa completed in time to greet Caesar, gauge his intentions and, hopefully, to encourage peace. To this end the Villagers have set their sites on building, building, building!


Before building can commence all building plans must be approved. Are they to scale? Are all of the rooms accounted for? Are doorways wide enough? Is it spacious and elegant? Each team of builders takes a Commissioner on a detailed tour of their blueprint, making adjustments as need. It was tedious work and brains were definitely worked (and erasers!), but in the end the Pars Urbana, Pars Rustica, Pars Fructuraria and the Stable (Pars Equine?) were all approved and the relieved Villagers were ready to build!

Team Pars Urbana giving a tour to the Building Inspector. This team has designed a simply beautiful Villa and the Senator is going to LOVE it!

Confering over the adjustments that have to be made....

Brainstorming ideas for how to bring the idea into reality

Hard at work with the measuring, getting everything "just so". Peeps lounging alongside, just in case their advice is needed!


Now that the plans have been approved it's time to take a two dimensional idea and turn it into a three dimensional reality! More head scratching commenced! But Ms Summer, an experienced Crafter and Maker, is ready with some ideas, and a reminder about the new tool check out system and safety rules. After just a few basic pointers about how to make cardboard behave the way you want it to, the Villagers are, once again, ready to work and we all enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of serious making!

A mini lesson on how to take the idea from 2D to 3D and a reminder about the new tool check out system.

All tools MUST be checked in and out by the team....
"here's what I need it to do..", the Villager explains

Assembling the Pars Fructuraria (the storeroom).

Adding doors and windows to the basic structure of the Pars Fructuaria.


And there is always general crafting going on in the background of EVERY Village Day!

Peeps are "born", some loose their heads and have to go the "Peep Hospital" (hot glue guns and the toaster oven are the main surgical instruments in use).

Peep making is a constant in Village!

A new Villager works on her Peeps Cencus Scroll

Two new Peeps have been added to the Cencus - our Village is growing!


Stay tuned for news from Village next week - a Wedding has been announced!

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Peeps love to have multiple outfits, so we make them more!

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An Ancient Roman peep in the Ancient Rome peep photo booth.

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A villager introduces her peep to the Village.

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Peeps love to party!

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Settling into camp at the Rubicon Valley.

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An Ancient Roman peep altar, or "lares."

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Peep wedding attendants.

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