Village, Week 14: In which we design a HUGE Roman Villa!

Our first week back from Winter break was, as to be expected, a busy one!

There were three new Villagers and their Peeps to welcome into the Community and, at long last, we rolled out the large roll of paper and drawn out the entire estate of Senator Giaus Furvus Gallio - Who knew that these estates were SO VAST?! We haven't yet calculated what the human scale acreage of this estate would be but I, for one, am very curious.....

The Senator's Estate will include four main buildings; the Pars Urbana - elegant home to the Senator, his family and a few personal servants, the Pars Rustica - the working farm and all of it's many aspects including the growing and processing of all goods produced plus a stable, and the Pars Fructuraria - the store house of all the processed goods, from olive oil, wine and food to wool, pottery, beeswax and more. In and amidst off of this will be the kitchen gardens, orchards, vineyards, grazing grounds and, of course, the many pleasure gardens, courtyards and fountains.

All Villa blueprints must meet the strict criteria dictated by the Senator; here, the Villagers are checking their measurements, making sure that the 1/24 scale is adhered to...
The Pars Urbana Team confering over details...

Two parts of the Villa being tested against each other...

The Villa continues to grow as each new area is completed and matched to its fellows.  The cardboard strips represent some of the many pathways that connect it all together.

Bit by bit it has all come together, each team member adding their own valuable bit of information.  Once the layout was complete the Villagers took turns narrating a virtual tour of the estate.

Once the blueprints and overall layout were complete the various teams began the cardboard models of the estate.

Trimmimg the walls with a cardboard saw...

Peeps lolling about while the Villagers work - so typical of Peeps! Full of good ideas but a little short on the follow through...that's why they have Gigantors!

And here is one of our newest Villagers filling in his Peep census scroll. Welcome to the Village!

And of course, the Gods must have their due. This fortunate and much revered God, Ceres, really lucked out and got a whole cheese ball (which the VIllage happily ate on Ceres' behalf at the end of the day....

It was, as always, a wonderful day in Village and we were all amazed at how much got done - and by consensus, too!

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Peeps love to have multiple outfits, so we make them more!

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An Ancient Roman peep in the Ancient Rome peep photo booth.

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A villager introduces her peep to the Village.

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Peeps love to party!

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Settling into camp at the Rubicon Valley.

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An Ancient Roman peep altar, or "lares."

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Peep wedding attendants.

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