Village, Week 12: In which the Peeps arrive at the Rubicon Valley and we celebrate a wedding!

After many arduous weeks of travel the Peeps have arrived in the Rubicon Valley! They are a little bedraggled and footsore, but all have arrived safely (no more casualties after the sad demise of Cleon...), and all are eager to set up camp and settle down to the work of building Senator Gallio's Villa!

During the weeks of travel the Gigantors (not the Peeps, mind you) have been studying Villa design and architecture. It turns out that there are several types of Villa; the Villa Urbana for the city dwellers, Villa Sub-Urbana, for those who desire quiet, but need ready access to the city, Villa Rustica, far removed from the distractions of city life in the peace and tranquility of the open countryside and focused on self sufficiency, and the Villa Latifundia, also in the open countryside and self sufficient, but also with an eye to producing enough surplus to turn a profit. Senator Quintus Furvus Gallio, it seems, requires a Villa Rustica. After studying some designs and clarifying what "self sufficient" means and what EXACTLY must be accounted for, the Gigantors drew up a beautiful Villa Rustica design to propose to the Senator.

Welcome to the Rubicon Valley Peep Campsite!

Setting up camp
On solid ground at last!


Designing the Villa Rustica

Studying Villa's: Form and Function
Explaining the final design proposal
The final design proposal, to be submitted to Senator Quintus Furvus Gallio for approval.

Word has arrived from the Senator and our proposed plan, with some slight modifications, has been approved!

The Senator stresses the importance of his Villa being self sufficient, beautiful AND ready to welcome Giaus Julius Caesar and his troops this winter! Building the Villa is to be the sole concern of the Peeps, who must be content to live in a campsite until significant progress on the Villa has been made. There will be time to build their own homes later! And the Senator rebukes absolutely, the absurd idea that his children have any need of a "play room". The very idea!

Now that the plan has been approved, it is time to take it from a scale drawing to actual size, and to make certain that all the components of self sufficiency are accounted for.


The Wedding

But all is not work, work, work - No, Peeps MUST have some fun, too! There's been an announcement of a wedding, the first such event of the new village, and everyone is excited! A Temple is quickly erected, festivities planned, new outfits and a cake are made! And, as it turns out, we have discovered that many of our modern marriage customs come to us from ancient Roman times, and quite probably even earlier!

Setting up for the wedding - everyone and their livestock are planning to attend!
The wedding cake, chocolate with pink sugar icing, and wine cups - enough for everyone (but NOT the livestock!)
The Bride and Groom kneel before the Priest, the Gods overlooking all....


Some poor Peep was headless all day, wandering around in utter confusion, until at last...

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Peeps love to have multiple outfits, so we make them more!

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An Ancient Roman peep in the Ancient Rome peep photo booth.

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A villager introduces her peep to the Village.

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Peeps love to party!

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Settling into camp at the Rubicon Valley.

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An Ancient Roman peep altar, or "lares."

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Peep wedding attendants.

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