Village, Week 9: In which we overhear Senator Gallio's concerns about Caesar crossing the Rubico

Peeps "hanging around", slowly making their way from their homelands towards the Rubicon Valley.

Last week the Peeps said goodbye to their homelands and loved ones and set off on their long journey to the Rubicon Valley. Some Peeps have made arrangements to caravan, picking each other up along the way, others, from more remote regions of the Republic will be traveling alone (a dangerous prospect, but what's a Peep to do?).

Along the way, by means of some magic not fully understood, the Peeps, although traveling along different routes far from each other, overheard a private conversation between Senator Quintus Furvus Gallio and his Private Secretary and Messenger Omar.

It seems that the Senator has grave concerns about Caesar and his intentions; after years afield, fighting wars, winning new territories for the Republic, sending valuable tributes back to Rome and increasing revenue through taxes, Caesar has won the admiration and allegiance of his troops and many others. With so much personal power, one must wonder if Caesar will remain content to be a Senator among his Peers, or if he may have higher aspirations. As all Romans know, to cross the Rubicon with armed forces is an open declaration of war against the Republic. Would Caesar be so bold? This concern has a firm grip on the Senator, hence, his eagerness to get his new Villa built in time for Caesar's arrival, when he plans to wine and dine the powerful general and determine, if he can, Caesar's intentions. Omar assures Senator Gallio that the Peeps are traveling with all speed and will arrive ready to start work on the Villa....

Before leaving their homelands Peeps participated in their local census.

Villagers Creating their Census Scrolls

Villagers studying Roman Architecture and the different lifestyles of Plebeians and Patricians

And now, our Peeps bid you all a fond farewell!

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