Village, Day 7: In which we plan for the journey to Rome and build carts and sailing vessels.

This week in Village out attentions were focused intently on preparing for the journey to Rome. Omar Malodourous, on behalf of Senator Quintus Furvus Gallio, required that each Villager register to work on the Senators Villa and to fill out a supply form, letting him know who will be arriving to work on the Villa, their skill set and what tools and personal supplies they will be bringing. The Villagers quickly realized that, although they already knew what tools their Peeps would need to ply their trades, they couldn't really know what personal supplies they'd be bringing until they know how long the journey would take! We calculated the distance and travel time by foot and by horseback and found that, for most of the Peeps, the journey would take a minimum of 3 to 4 months - and that's if there were no unforeseen complications such as foul weather, unexpected repairs or bandits along the way! We'd better be safe and plan for the worst! So, in addition to each Peeps Tools of their Trades, bedding, cooking and eating utensils, chickens, goats, we'd better plan to pack medical kits, general tools, family heirlooms and family altars!

With our paper work out of the way we could then direct our attentions to boat and cart building!

Goodbye until next week!

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