Village, Day 6: In which we begin preparations for our long and arduous journey to Rome

At the close of last week we started a conversation about religion in the Roman Republic, circa 50 BCE. One of the things that we've discovered is that, not only were there many religions throughout the republic, but even within a single town people honored many different Gods and Goddesses. In fact, the town itself would have a God, and each individual family would have their own in addition. Villagers researched the main deities of the Roman Pantheon and chose one for their Peeps families. Our next task was to make "Lares", or household shrines, for our Peeps, who wouldn't dream of embarking on a journey across the wilds without their protective guardians at their side!

With the Lares under way the Villagers are eager to make travel plans for their long and arduous journey from the distant corners of the Roman Republic to Rome itself. How far is it? What's the terrain? What's the best way to get from here to there? Will there be bandits and outlaws? What other provisions might be needed for such a long journey?

Villagers studied the map carefully, trying to determine the safest, most efficient to travel. All agree that a cart of some sort and a beast of burden or two would be essential to the trip. Time for more crafting!

Next week our preparations will continue -

There is just SO much to do!

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