Village, Day 2: How did people live in 50 BCE?

It was another busy day in Village!

We started by gathering around the Explorers Table to hear the reports from the Villagers research on general information about the provinces of the Roman Republic. Everyone had something to contribute - in fact we filled several posters with facts about how people dressed, what they ate, technology, religion and festivals, and more. It turns out that we know a LOT about life in Ancient Rome and all of this accumulated knowledge will be helpful in creating the personalities of our Peeps and in designing our own village.

An important aspect of Village is scale; If we tried to build a Roman Village on a human scale, well, we just wouldn't have the time, experience or resources! Or a place to build! So Village is played on the scale of 1:24, 1 standard foot is equal to 24 Mini Feet. After a fun conversation about scale, led by Ms. Dee, we all settled into making our Peep Rulers. These rulers will be in steady use as Village progresses. We'll use them to measure and calculate for our Peeps houses and the various public buildings that we undertake, measure cloth, assorted goods from the Trading Post and more.

In the afternoon we watched a Power Point presentation showing the many different ethnic groups around the Mediterranean, noting such things as the many skin tones, body and facial types, clothing and footwear, as well as talking about why such differences may have originated and been useful. This is all in preparation for the making of our own Peeps, which will include "Peeple" from all of these different cultures. It was a lively discussion and everyone left this presentation eager to begin work on their own Peeps.

For our last activity of the day we starting making our Peeps, starting with their heads. Villagers making their Peeps heads. Each Villager has carefully mixed their Sculpy to arrive at just the right skin tone, giving loving attention to the smallest facial details, and carefully measured to 1:24 scale. These Peeps will be fantastic and so full of character!

Yes, it was a wonderful day in Village and we can hardly wait for Friday to come again!

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