Friday Village in Central Austin

September 6, 2019 - May 29, 2020
Anna Lark Center
1400 Tillery
Austin, Texas   78721

Join Game of Village Austin as we craft our way through history!


Temperatures on earth continue to rise, polar ice caps continue to melt, the environment of our beautiful blue green planet grows ever more fragile. Human-kind must strive to repair the damage and learn to live within the delicate balance of the web of life. 2019 - 20 Villagers will explore life in this not too distant future, and will design and craft a village using sustainable techniques with a heightened awareness of the impact that their lifestyle choices make on the world around them.

Villagers will begin with making a “Peep,” a tiny 3" avatar. It is through the Peep that Village is played. Peeps have their own personality and life story. Peeps will want a home, a new hat or a carriage; Villagers are eager to oblige them! But before the crafting can begin one must have supplies, purchased from the Villager run trading post. But where does the money come from? Well, some Villagers will apply for work at the bank, the trading post or some other Village institution, others will start their own businesses and still others may apply for a loan at the Village bank. There are many ways for Villagers to earn an income! Villagers may discover the need for government. Will they legislate laws? Levy taxes? The Villagers themselves will determine everything, and there is just no knowing what turn Village will take!


Village is real life on a 1/24 scale, providing young people the opportunity to practice a wide range of real life skills within the context of a game. It's about designing, building, crafting and problem-solving. It's about collaboration, entrepreneurship, networking, personal finances and politics. Imagination rules and anything is possible!

Village follows the AISD school calendar and Weather Closings. Complete program dates will be sent to you upon registration.


Secure your child's spot in the 2019-20 Game of Village Friday Program by submitting the completed registration packet and your non-refundable deposit of $250.00. Payments may be mailed to:


Game of Village Austin

c/o Cheryl Kruckeberg

P.O. Box 1875

Bastrop, Texas   78602

Peeps love to have multiple outfits, so we make them more!

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An Ancient Roman peep in the Ancient Rome peep photo booth.

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A villager introduces her peep to the Village.

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Peeps love to party!

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Settling into camp at the Rubicon Valley.

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An Ancient Roman peep altar, or "lares."

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Peep wedding attendants.

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